Tuesday, September 20, 2016


New Phase In Our Life

Its been years I haven't updated my blog...I know...I don't have much followers, but that's fine. I want to write anyway.

From 4...we became 5...a new addition to my life...my youngest daughter...Nur Qaseh. Love her so much. She's an angel, soft spoken and yet energetic and unbending when wanting something.

What else is new...ah yes...I'm no longer in a remote place somewhere in Subis. Sorry to my colleagues who are still "somewhere in remote places all over Subis"...(you know who you are...you are a noble people who try to make a difference to our children...everyday. Especially to my friends who are still in SK Sungai Sebatu, Suai, Subis.

I'm continuing my teaching profession here in my hometown...Limbang. Where...SK ST Edmund (M). Situated somewhere in the town area. A very humble school with many achievements and still has a lot to offer. Its good to be here...very good indeed. Loving it staffs. Loving its surrounding,,,small though...but I'm loving it.

Any one who wants to know more you can get it here ST Edmund Limbang Sarawak
My hope this year and year ahead, of course to finish building my home. Liquidation...liquidation... where can I get it. Hahahaha...oh dear. Or else the...stays at govt quarters...till the day of THE DAY.

This is the new phase of our life...it will be better...and if its not..we...as a family will face it...no matter what.



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